PBG and Jeff try the Fighter Squadron and Droid Run modes in Star Wars Battlefront.

SPACE BATTLES! - Star Wars Battlefront (Part 2 of 2)
Upload Date December 22nd 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

PBG has to say that this is a sponsored video. PBG wants to fly an A-Wing. He is floaty and fast. They forget the name of the mode - Fighter Squadron. PBG can't slow down. Jeff needs to instruct PBG. PBG chases someone down, and runs into a ship. Jeff tells PBG to do some tricksies. There is a lot happening on the screen. PBG is blown up. PBG goes into first person. He feels that his life is coming to an end, and is correct. PBG did not kill anybody.

They change to Droid Run. PBG and Jeff try to guess where they are. PBG claims a droid. PBG and Jeff work together, and they are both blown up by a grenade. PBG melts his enemies, and is melee'd to death. PBG is killed again. Their team claims all of the droids, and they think they have won. Both Jeff and PBG are killed.

PBG and Jeff are together again. Their team wins. They got carried to victory. PBG asks Jeff what he thinks about PBG playing the game.

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