PBG hacks some Sonic the Hedgehog games.

SONIC the Hedgehog HACKING!
Upload Date July 23rd 2016
Series Hacking


Synopsis Edit

Sonic is shown patting a chao with weird disfigured limbs. PBG looks concerned. PBG will talk about a few different games.

He starts with Sonic Adventure DX, and begins with a corruption code. The title screen is good, but the people around town are even better - and are kind of eerie. PBG sings about them. PBG makes Sonic small, large, run backwards or become a bouncing ball with ears. PBG sings about Sonic and Giant Tails. The cutscene ends early.

PBG corrupts Sonic Adventure 2. PBG can't tell what is going on. PBG tries the Chao garden. Sonic's head is removed! Sonic is messed up. PBG is maddened. Tails loses his head, and his mech is turned upside down. Tails needs to get Tails' head on straight. Tails' head ascends into the heavens.

PBG tries the Olympic games spin offs. He finds a seizure code. He shows the seizure fencing, and biking. The demonstrations are also corrupted. PBG shows the equestrian, which looks funny. It would look funnier if the footage was slowed down. PBG struggles to commentates the football, mocking Tails every time he misses. The net is destroyed! PBG struggles to say synchronized swimming. PBG shows the giant hockey, and wonders how it will work. It doesn't!

It is easy to make the target in curling when the stones are so large. Giant snowboarding is confusing and literally all over the place. Somehow, he finishes in record timing. PBG was finished in seconds - but Yoshi took just 2.9 seconds! PBG likes the seizure code in the bobsled, and downhill skiing.

Finally, he plays Sonic and the Secret Rings. It seems pretty normal - until Sonic has no face.