SMITE: Protect the NOOB!
Upload Date October 9th 2014
Series One-offs


PBG plays Smite with Dodger, Jesse Cox, Strippin, ProJared, TotalBiscuit, WowCrendor, YogscastSjin, ForceSC2Strategy and Kootra. The catch is that each team has a noob on it!

Synopsis Edit

PBG shows the last match in the series. PBG played with Dodger, Jesse Cox, Strippin, ProJared, Totalbiscuit, WowCrendor, YogscastSjin, ForceSC2Strategy and Kootra. Jesse Cox and Dodger are the noobs who need to be protected by the other players.

PBG wants Taco Bell for some reason. PBG doesn't know how to play this level, and is told to kill others and not be killed! They have to kill Dodger as much as possible. TotalBiscuit pulls out an attack that does nothing!

Not much happens for several minutes.

TotalBiscuit gets caught off guard by a surprise attack. TB messes up his ultimate and gets killed by a guy on a horse! After all this time, they have not killed Dodger yet. She is hanging back. TB is constantly getting blown up. PBG wants to play more conservatively.

The team is struggling against their rivals. They try to team up, but it isn't working. PBG blows up a tower. They are 90 tickets behind, a slight improvement on earlier. Someone disappears into the sky!

PBG has too much money and falls back. The team destroys another tower. They push forward and try to start a comeback. They end up losing by 2 tickets, with Jesse dying last. They had 35 kills to 44. It was such a good comeback.