PBG plays Smite with ProJared, SpaceHamster and McJones.

SMITE! - W/ProJared SpaceHamster and McJones!
Upload Date December 13th 2013
Series One offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is joined by Jared, Jeff, McJones and Jared's friend Josh to play SMITE. It is a free-to-play MOBA. Jared and Josh are more experienced than the other three.They get into the fight.

PBG places traps, and McJones shoots at the enemies. PBG dies fairly quickly. This team knows what they are doing. Jared is killed. Jeff accidenatally hums My Little Pony! PBG's team is losing 0-5. PBG gets stuck, and then killed. They finally get a kill!

They plan on targeting Cupid. PBG continues to be killed, and McJones hasn't even played this game before! Jeff panics as he gets attacked. Jared finds that they are matched with a clan! PBG doesn't stand a chance against these guys. Jeff gets destroyed again. PBG gets excited as he gets a kill.

The score is 4-20. PBG talks about how excited he was when he got the kill. PBG finds a dragon to kill - it was a bad idea! The entire opposing clan is attacking together. PBG tries to run away, but gets killed. Jeff gets blown up. They all chase Cupid, but they still get attacked.

PBG can't even fight with his team. He has to run away to live. Everyone is thinking about surrendering. The team's ox fell over out of embarrassment. Jared wants to edit the video so it looks like they won!

They try playing another match. PBG is killed quickly. Everybody continues to die. PBG is confused when he gets killed by an ultimate move. McJones gets a cool kill. PBG's team now has four kills. PBG continues to float away from fights. PBG screams as he gets attacked by a dragon head! Everyone else laughs. Jared gets a kill. PBG tries to run away, and dies again. PBG is surprised that he has a kill.

Jared uses an ultimate, and everyone else dies from it! They laugh as they see the kill ratio is 13-55! PBG stuns an opponent, and calls his kill, but it didn't work. PBG gets a kill at the last second, and gets excited!

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