PBG and KyrakJellyman play the scary game SCP 87-B.

Upload Date August 10th 2012
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG and KyrakJellyman play SCP 87-B. PBG is playing. He is walkiing really slowly, and has never played this game before. PBG gets startled by static noises. They hear a noise. Kyrak asks if there is anything behind him. PBG turns around, and then loses his direction and almost walks backwards.

They find a drop off. Neither PBG nor Kyrak have read the story of this game. PBG sees what looks like two eyes appear in the darkness and screams. PBG screams again as he sees something in the darkness. PBG says that he needs to listen out for monsters talking so that he doesn't look at him. Something appears, and PBG screams again. He wonders why he is playing this game. They hear a noise again. Another noise is heard, and PBG is scared.

After several minutes of walking down stairs, the pair make inside jokes and try to scare each other. PBG and Kyrak would be the worst test subjects, as they won't stop talking about pointless stuff. Some loud noises are heard, and PBG doesn't look. The noise stops, and they keep on walking. There defiantly wasn't a silhouette of a man there!

Kyrak talks about going snowboarding, as PBG wants a distraction. A voice says "Don't look at me". So PBG looks away. The voice keeps on repeating itself, and PBG yells at it to stop saying it. It continues to repeat itself, and PBG begins to freak out, and starts backing up. Red flashes on the screen, and the game ends. They both scream. Both PBG and Kyrak leave never wanting to play this again!