PBG and Jeff play another game of Mario Party 1.

ROUND TWO! - Mario Party 1 (Part 1)
Upload Date July 11th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

PBG yells at Wario and DK to stop picking on Luigi. PBG messes up the intro. PBG and Jeff want revenge on Wario, so they are playing again. Jeff almost takes Luigi by accident. They choose Peach instead of Yoshi. They decide to play on Peach's Birthday Cake. The art style looks a little like Mario RPG. PBG doesn't want to go first again.

Turn 1 Edit

PBG discusses that the dice rolls are predetermined. Wario loses a turn. The first game is Platform Peril. PBG wants to make an alliance with Jeff. Jeff falls, and PBG wins.

Turn 2 Edit

PBG gets in front of both bonus stars. The next game is Bombs Away. Everybody wins. PBG takes a triumphant drink.

Turn 3 Edit

They talk about drinking caffeinated drinks. PBG doesn't like Slot Car Derby. PBG loses his lead, and Wario wins.

Turn 4 Edit

PBG meets a goomba, and goes to Toad, allowing PBG to get his first star. PBG contradicts what he said earlier by having an early lead. Wario plants a piranha plant to steal someone's star. Peach can't get a star. Jeff complains about his low rolls. They play Bash 'n' Cash. Jeff bounces around on top of everyone, but loses 10 coins to Peach. PBG is getting a phone call. Jeff has to end the video on his own, but PBG gets back for the bye-bye.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 1 10
2 Peach 0 26
3 Jeff 0 19
4 Wario 0 0

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