PBG feels good, while Jeff continues getting the worst luck.

REVENGE ON WARIO! - Mario Party 1 (Part 3)
Upload Date July 16th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 10 Edit

PBG missed his turn before PB and Jeff do the intro. Peach picked the Bowser flower. Jeff wonders if he will win if he steals stars. He immediately realizes that he shouldn't have done that. They play Desert Dash. Jeff was annoyed that there weren't any obstacles.

Turn 11 Edit

PBG laughs maniacally as he proceeds to another star. Jeff continues to get the worst luck with his rolls. They play Pipe Maze again, and this time Jeff controls the chest. Peach wins.

Turn 12 Edit

Peach loses her coins to Bowser as PBG and Jeff argue. She then goes on to get a star. PBG discusses the ? blocks. They play Coin Block Bash, and Wario has the hammer. PBG takes the hammer and hits everyone else around. Wario gets the last 5 coins.

Turn 13 Edit

Wario gets an extra roll. Jeff rolls a 10. They play Bombsketball. PBG loves this one. PBG sings as he plays. Peach steals the ball off PBG as he wastes time. Jeff takes the ball and scores to win.

Turn 14 Edit

Luigi misses Jeff's piranha plant by one space. Wario is sent to Bowser. Wario plays Whack-a-Plant, and PBG and Jeff complain. Wario gets 33 coins! Peach also misses Jeff's piranha plant by one space. Peach places a piranha plant next to Jeff's. Jeff rolls too high, and can't afford a star. He then loses a turn on a poison mushroom. They will play Mario Bandstand at the start of the next episode.

Current Scores Edit

Note: The end of the episode takes place before the mini game on turn 14.

Player / Character
1 PBG 2 29
2 Peach 1 1
3 Wario 0 37
4 Jeff 0 15

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