After already covering some Putt Putt games, PBG finds more Putt Putt games to review.

Putt Putt Does Some Things AGAIN
Upload Date June 24th 2013
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Synopsis Edit

PBG made a video on some Putt Putt games about a year ago. PBG still gets letters telling him to cut his hair and he misses it. The Putt Putt games were made well, but they were made for kids.

The first game is Putt Putt Saves the Zoo. The theme song plays, and PBG throws petrol into his car's petrol tank. He dances, checks the tyres, and gets one of his ferrets. Putt Putt talks to a racist italian stereotype.

PBG clicks on things, and pointless things happen. A tree brushes its teeth, and PBG is creeped out by it. There are also so many bees! Putt Putt heads to the zoo, and there is a musical number. PBG discusses how all the animals are missing. PBG abuses the system of getting free snacks (and ends up with over 800).

He heads to Arctic Land, and just like last time, Putt Putt steals the rope before causing an avalanche. Putt Putt heads to the jungle instead and finds some monkies. PBG comes across the incompetent animals. Putt Putt goes down a river and PBG can't believe the crazy things that happen to him. The penguins are the best part of the game. They dance with Putt Putt and Pep.

Outback Al hasn't been fixing the stuff he should be fixing, and awards Putt Putt the Junior Zoo Keeper Award. PBG thinks it should be the 'I Should Have Your Job' Award! This guy sucks at his job!

PBG moves on to Putt Putt Enters the Race. They changed the voice, and PBG realizes that he doesn't care. PBG wonders why Putt Putt's parents are never mentioned, and tells the story about how Putt Putt's mother caused her husband to throw himself off a mountain. When Putt Putt was born, she threw him into the garbage.

PBG goes to get the things he needs. Putt Putt finds a bottle on the ground and wants to recycle it. PBG gives an environmental message - "Don't Litter or He'll Kill You". PBG doesn't understand the mini game in the toy store. He broke the game. Outback Al is just as useless as ever.

PBG makes Putt Putt say 'F U' in a library. Putt Putt runs someone over, and PBG decides to leave quickly and not asking questions. Smokey the Firetruck looks terrifying in this game. PBG decides to skip to the race, and he does terrible. PBG plays on his Gameboy, and puts a gun to his head. He eventually won somehow. PBG mimes Putt Putt's speech and flips his middle finger at Outback Al.