PBG finishes off the remaining Putt Putt games. The previous Putt Putt games are here and here.

Putt Putt Does Some More Things AGAIN
Upload Date April 18th 2015
Series Review


Synopsis Edit

PBG constantly says Putt Putt at the beginning of the video, and he likes him.

The first game is Putt Putt joins the Circus, and Putt Putt is losing his enthusiasm, so PBG decides to try losing his enthusiasm with his "Adventure. YEAH!" catchphrase. After going through the old Putt Putt games, and they are all decent adventure games for kids (or 24 year olds with YouTube channels). This is the sixth game, and PBG is worried that the game is becoming dull.

The circus is doomed, and Putt Putt has to help the animals of the show. PBG has to do EVERYTHING. The lion takes off his clothes, and Putt Putt seems to be enjoying it too much, and the bear is infested with a lot of fleas.

After being denied access to the next area, Putt Putt has to go back to the crying guy again, before returning. PBG catches some monkeys leaving. Everyone in this game is so lazy. When they aren't lazy, they are incompetent. One guy can make random things appear out of nothing, but can't play a game of concentration. PBG insults him for being dumb.

After finishing this, Putt Putt gets to perform his own act, and Putt Putt doesn't do anything, and PBG thinks he looks like an idiot, and thinks that he has died. It isn't a bad game, it just is exactly the same as all the other Putt Putt games.

The final Putt Putt game is Putt-Putt Pep's Birthday Surprise. PBG is getting excited again - until Putt-Putt goes on a rant - and is poorly lip synced. Pep is sad because he has never had a birthday, so Putt Putt has to collect 5 things. A song begins, and PBG gets upset by it, until he sees the puppies. The security car from the last game has a new hobby, collecting the biggest ball of string in the world.

A hippie van's eyes never move. PBG thinks he likes her. The farmer is a bit loopy. PBG sees Smokey again, and turns around. PBG goes to decorate a cake for Pep, which says "DUM CEK 4 POOP".

The Putt Putt games are now done, and are actually pretty good. His favorite are Travels Through Time and Saves the Zoo. He messes up his words, though and corrects his speech in the annotations. The formula got stale at Joins the Circus, and Pep's Birthday Surprise kind of sucked. Putt Putt's voice seems to get older. If he was 10 in the first game, he would be 21 in the last game. Get a job Putt Putt!

Brutalmoose ("Britalgoose" on PBG's phone) calls PBG and asks if he wants to play Freddy Fish. He says OK, and heads over to Brutalmoose's to make a collaboration video.