PBG becomes a dad and has to look after his new daughter in Princess Maker 2.

Princess Maker 2
Upload Date December 24th 2016
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PBG is having a kid! God gave it to him! PBG explains Princess Maker 2, and doesn't know much about it. He calls himself Peeboo, and his daughter Peeboona. It's an awesome name! PBG tries to get away with being 18, before admitting that he is 26.

Demons are shown, and PBG explains the story where the demon lord kills everybody. PBG showed up and killed the demon lord. PBG swings a sword around outside with his dogs. Everybody thought he was cool. PBG falls over in the snow. PBG continues to discuss the story. It is up to PBG whether she will live or die!

PBG doesn't know what the objective is apart from being a parent. PBG will be the best dad ever. She's a gang member! PBG wants to start over. PBG discusses what the kid can do, including sending her to work. The animations are completely adorable, especially when she is slacking off. She is unhappy a lot - like all the time.

Peebooona says that she will deliver babies easily because she has a big bottom! PBG finds this awkward, and leaves. PBG comes back appearing drunk, and throws her money. Peeboona will become a kung fu farmer. PBG sends his daughter into a combat competition. She gets beaten up.

PBG discusses the exploration part of the game, while his daughter died a lot. PBG shows off his skinny arms explaining that he can't go adventuring with them. PBG censors the naked fairy tea party despite having barbie doll anatomy just so people can't get mad at him! He then realizes that they still can! There are some weird enemies in the game - including a kidnapper!

PBG just notices how much sin Peeboona has. Peeboona has a party with the demon PBG fought at the start of the game. PBG compliments his own parenting skills, and blames everyone else. Peeboona stole PBG's money, and bought a horrific costume herself, and ends up in prison! Another girl picks on Peeboona. PBG is determined to allow Peeboona to accomplish her dreams. She keeps on losing the tournament. PBG makes it to the last year of the game. She loses, and PBG falls to the ground and cries. PBG gets a bad ending. He stops crying, and goes back to being a drunk.

PBG opens a new Lootcrate. He opens the gaming box with the theme 'Mythic'. PBG can't remember the link for viewers to go to. He shows an Assassin's Creed shirt, a letter opener, a poster, a pin, a Dragon Age figure, and an Okami figure. PBG messes up and Todd helps out.

Trivia Edit

  • This Video Was At First Called "I'm having a kid: Princess Maker 2 -PBG"[1]

References Edit

  1. A post on Reddit showing the original title of the episode.