PBG misses out on a Pokemon, meets Steven, and battles sailors.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 7 (FIRST DEFEAT!)
Upload Date January 19th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Tarty (Lv 17), Wurmpoo (Lv 10), Lawlup (Lv 16), Zigzam (Lv 5), Frank (Lv 15), Ninmat (Lv 6)
Ending team Tarty (Lv 17), Wurmpoo (Lv 13), Lawlup (Lv 16), Zigzam (Lv 5), Frank (Lv 16), Ninmat (Lv 6)
Badges 2
Locations Dewford Town, Granite Cave, Route 109

Synopsis Edit

PBG wants to level up Wurmpoo. PBG gets a fishing rod. PBG fights a Tentacool, and wants to catch a Zubat. PBG risks Frank's life, but he delivers. Frank is challenging Lawlup for the second best on the team. Wurmpoo fights a Slakoth, and is put to sleep.

PBG searches Granite Cave for a Zubat, and is disappointed to find Makuhita instead. PBG is confused when Makuhita escapes from its PokeBall. Makuhita is killed, so PBG is stuck with Zigzam. Wurmpoo continues to level up. PBG decides to use Absorb after he says that he wouldn't use it. It does very little damage.

PBG gives a Protein to Lawlup. He teaches Ninmat Flash. He finds an Abra, and wonders how it is possible to catch it.

PBG enters a cave and sees a man standing in front of cave drawings. He looks evil. PBG meets Steven. PBG finds the Zubat he wanted.

PBG heads to Slateport. PBG battles a Sailor on the shore. Lawlup fights a Machop, but has to swap in Frank, who is afraid of Machop. PBG finds a shop where he can battle trainers. A woman talks about tough battles, and PBG is annoyed that she sent out a Goldeen. The names of the sailors are weird.

PBG wants to know what Fake Out does. Lawlup slaps a Tentacool in the face! Dwayne turns out to be a tougher trainer than PBG expected. He needs Frank to fight a Machop. Frank is awesome. PBG can tell that the game is getting harder. PBG says random video game consoles to end the episode.

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