PBG faces his first gym against Roxanne and continues to catch Pokemon.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 5 (DUNGEON, AKA GYM!)
Upload Date January 12th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Nincada (Nimnat, Route 116, Lv 6)
Deaths None
Starting team Tarty (Lv 16), Wurmpoo (Lv 9), Lawlup (Lv 14), Zigzam (Lv 5), Frank (Lv 9)
Ending team Tarty (Lv 16), Wurmpoo (Lv 10), Lawlup (Lv 16), Zigzam (Lv 5), Frank (Lv 12), Nimnat (Lv 6)
Badges 1 (Stone Badge)
Locations Petalburg Woods, Rustboro City, Route 116

Synopsis Edit

PBG shows that Tarty has evolved. He has to look up what the evolution is called. It was suggested to PBG to teach Tarty Double Kick. PBG battles Roxanne. Lawlup starts by virtually taking Geodude down in one hit if it wasn't for Sturdy. PBG is worried about going out on the first gym. Lawlup fights Nosepass. Nosepass uses Rock Tomb, and does a crit. Lawlup uses Bubble. PBG plays it safe and uses Tarty, and uses Double Kick. PBG thinks it is excessive that he receives $1600 for beating Roxanne.

The same Devon researcher is robbed by Team Aqua again. PBG demands that NPC's give him Cut. PBG still has not used Zigzam.

PBG finds a Nincada. Nincada looks interesting at least, but PBG doesn't really want another Bug type. PBG watches Home Alone at Christmas, and is reminded of Uncle Frank every time he uses Frank. PBG battles a trainer. Frank becomes poisoned. Nincada uses Leech Life on Wurmpoo. PBG doesn't want the two Silcoons to battle each other.

Wurmpoo evolves into Beautifly. In PBG's practice Nuzlocke, his Beautifly did not last very long. PBG expects that Zigzam will end up carrying his team. PBG wants to cut out Joey's fight. Lawlup is hit by a crit, and PBG complains to Jeff to stop showing footage of the fight!

PBG wants an adorable Marill, and is sad about beating it. Lawlup has been carrying the team. Rollout is such a good move, as it harms Lawlup more than PBG was expecting. PBG wants the viewer to like everybody's videos - not just his own.

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