PBG hates Wally, and heads into the woods to catch a Taillow named Frank.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 3 (DEADBEAT DAD!)
Upload Date January 9th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Zigzagoon (ZigZam, Route 104, Lv 2)

Taillow (Frank, Petalburg Woods, Lv 5)

Deaths None
Starting team Torchic (Lv 10), Wurmpoo (Lv 6), Lawlup (Lv 5)
Ending team Torchic (Lv 11), Wurmpoo (Lv 6), Lawlup (Lv 10), Zigzam (Lv 2), Frank (Lv 5)
Badges 0
Locations Petalburg City, Route 104, Petalburg Woods

Synopsis Edit

A character wonders where Wally has gone. He talks to people to find cool items. PBG hasn't met his dad yet. His dad gave him a dumb name! Wally is introduced, and PBG speaks like a nerd and insults Wally. Peebins doesn't want to help Wally. PBG's 'favorite' part of the game is the part when he doesn't get to do anything. PBG has run out of coffee. Wally teaches the player how to catch Pokemon in case the player hasn't figured it out yet.

PBG tries to make a joke about Roxanne in the rock gym, but doesn't get it. Wally doesn't even have a Wii U! PBG searches for a new Pokemon on Route 104, and finds a Zigzagoon. PBG plays overly cautious. PBG wants his own attack lowered, and Zigzagoon grants that wish. PBG checks out ZigZam, who is also quick to flee!

PBG keeps on forgetting his Pokemon names. PBG is afraid of a Wingull. He realizes he is being too cautious. PBG gives a boy a potion. PBG gets nothing in return, and is angry. PBG wants money from a rich boy. A Zigzagoon constantly lowers Tarty's defense, and doesn't attack. PBG got $1000 for beating a rich kid!

PBG is amused after he kills a Seedot that spent four turns using Harden. PBG moves into Petalburg Woods. A Wurmple is obsessed with using String Shot. Lawlup finally has Bubble, and can actually do something. PBG finds a Taillow and catches it. He names it Frank.

PBG finds a scientist, and a Team Aqua member walks funny up to them. The scientist hides behind the child! PBG fights his first grunt. PBG likes the annoying moves like Sand Attack and Confusion.

PBG receives the Exp. Share, and thinks he should use it. PBG almost has a full party already.

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