PBG battles Elite 4 members Glacia and Drake.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 36 (ELITE 4 #2!)
Upload Date June 12th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths Larz (Lv 55)

Maginator (Lv 56)

Starting team Maginator (Lv 56), Lafawnda (Lv 56), Useless (Lv 55), Bee (Lv 56), Larz (Lv 55), Ninmat (Lv 56)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27), PuttPu (Lv 25), """""" (Lv 30)

Ending team Lafawnda (Lv 57), Useless (Lv 56), Bee (Lv 56), Ninmat (Lv 56)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27), PuttPu (Lv 25), """""" (Lv 30)

Badges 8
Locations Pokemon League

Synopsis Edit

PBG wants this to be the finale. PBG is very nervous. Most of his team are weak to ice. PBG sees a blizzard. Glacia is cocky.

Useless battles Glalie. Useless uses Sludge Wave, and Glalie makes it hail. Useless Hydro Pumps Glalie out. Walrein is next, and Larz will battle. Larz uses Iron Tail. PBG forgot that Walrein was part water type, and one-shots Larz. PBG panics. Maginator comes out to save the day. Walrein uses Blizzard, and Maginator crunches. Maginator becomes frozen! Useless returns for Sludge Wave. Hydro Pump is not very effective, and PBG scolds himself for his terrible mistake. Walrein is healed, and Useless uses Sludge Wave. Walrein finally dies! PBG should never have named his Pokemon Useless.

Lafawnda battles Froslass. Lafawnda deals a lot of damage with Psychic. Froslass is taken out in a few hits because of healing. Lafawnda battles another Froslass. Lafawnda continues with Psychic, but becomes confused. Lafawnda defeats Froslass without taking a hit.

Lafawnda snaps out of her confusion, and uses Psychic twice to defeat Glalie. PBG considers himself lucky to get out of that with 5 Pokemon remaining. PBG came prepared, and uses potions and healing items.

PBG arrives at the Dragon building. PBG pretends to panic, as he isn't as afraid of this one. PBG spills his drink. PBG battles Drake. He likes Drake's music.

Altaria battles Maginator. Maginator uses Ice Fang, while Altaria raises its defence. It takes two hits, but Altaria is down. Salamence is up next. PBG is worried that his Ice Fang is too lower level. Maginator is killed by a Thunder Crunch! PBG yells in horror! All of his Pokemon are weak to electric moves! Lafawnda uses Psychic. Lafawnda gets cut down to 6 health left. Lafawnda defeats Salamance with Psychic.

Kingdra battles Bee after PBG struggles to read the type chart. Bee uses Poison Fang, which does very little. Bee is put to sleep. Ice Beam deals a lot of damage to Bee. Useless returns, and Ice Beam does very little damage. Sludge Wave critical hits to take out Kingdra.

Flygon battles Useless. Hydro Pump is a good move. Useless battles another Flygon and continues to use Hydro Pump. Flygon avoids the attacks. PBG tries using Dive. Flygon is knocked out, and PBG wins. PBG hates Drake, as he killed PBG's best Pokemon. Steven will be the finale. PBG imagines what would have happened if Lafawnda was killed also.

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