PBG captures his first Nuzlocke Pokemon.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 2 (THANK YOU, JEBUS!)
Upload Date January 7th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire NUZLOCKE!

Pokémon Caught Wurmple (Wurmpoo, Route 101, Lv 2)

Lotad (Lawlup, Route 102, Lv 2)

Deaths None
Starting team Tarty (Lv 5)
Ending team Tarty (Lv 10), Wurmpoo (Lv 6), Lawlup (Lv 5)
Badges 0
Locations Route 103, Oldale Town, Route 101, Littleroot Town, Route 102, Petalburg City

Synopsis Edit

PBG came close to losing to May, and follows her to Littleroot. PBG states that May really sucks. PBG gets the Pokedex and Poke Balls. PBG explains the rules again. He will also not use healing items in battle, and will avoid finding Pokemon that are sticking out of the grass.

PBG finds his first Pokemon - Wurmple. PBG polled people on Twitter to choose this game for PBG to play. PBG names Wurmpoo after a Wurmple he has in a previous Nuzlocke which died. He fights the Poochyena that pops out from the grass. PBG is surprised by Poochyene having Ice Fang.

PBG checks out the personalities of his Pokemon. PBG decides to not catch a Pokemon on route 103 yet. An idiot was tracking his own footprints, and he should keep that to himself.

PBG finds a Lotad on route 102 - after stating that he wants a water type. PBG is worried about killing Lotad. PBG is worried about the 'let's play curse'. He captures Lotad. Lotad will be very useful for the rock caves. PBG wonders how Lawlup can be both bold and quick to flee!

PBG burns a trainer's Zigzagoon. PBG can't get over the dot on Tarty's butt, and questions why they make them like that. PBG fights a Wurmpul with his own Wurmpul. PBG is seen from far away. PBG claims that he will win because he is the star of the game.

When PBG was a kid, he would only use one Pokemon for the entire game. PBG decides to not leave berries for other people. PBG doesn't want to help a girl with her career. PBG doesn't want Lawlup to do anything. PBG meets up with May. PBG is worried that May will catch him out at some point with a battle.

PBG confuses Butterfree for Beautifly, even though he knows it isn't Butterfree. PBG thinks about making a top 10 stupidest Pokemon video. PBG arrives in Petalburg City, and heals his Pokemon. PBG checks out a berry on Wurmpoo. He says Bye-Bye several times to end the video.

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