PBG clears out the Team Aqua Hideout.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 29 (QUINTUPLETS!)
Upload Date May 4th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths None
Starting team Zigzam (Lv 40), Maginator (Lv 39), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 39), Gloooo (Lv 38), Useless (Lv 26)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27), PuttPu (Lv 25), Bloooo (Lv 31)

Ending team Zigzam (Lv 40), Maginator (Lv 40), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 40), Gloooo (Lv 40), Useless (Lv 28)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27), PuttPu (Lv 25), Bloooo (Lv 31)

Badges 6
Locations Slateport City, Lilycove City, Team Aqua Hideout

Synopsis Edit

PBG is still doing stuff with Team Aqua. PBG attempts to laugh like the Team Aqua member. PBG doesn't want to help them. PBG wants the Team Aqua members to be hung - or for Team Aqua to kill Peebins!

PBG wonders where the police are! PBG wonders whether a Pokemon can be both asleep and poisoned, but doesn't want to test it on Team Aqua. Gloooo one-shots a Carvanha. PBG finally remembers what ice is strong against, as he uses it against a Golbat!

PBG says 'No' when he is asked to help, and is surprised that it actually works! PBG arrives back at Lilycove City, and admits he is being grumpy because he wants this long series to move along. PBG loves the technology in the Team Aqua Hideout.

Gloooo is very powerful. PBG walks around the Team Aqua Hideout. One person is too busy working out what drink they will have to fight PBG! PBG doesn't want a Mightyena to use Swagger on everyone. PBG does the lottery, and doesn't win. The same number comes up every time. PBG sells all his nuggets.

Maginator takes a huge beating and is almost killed with poison damage from an annoying Carvanha. Gloooo also got frozen! ZigZam gets poisoned as well. PBG heals his team, and defreezes Gloom.

PBG finds four Pokeballs. It's a trap! He finds an Electrode, and runs away from it. PBG finds the Master Ball. PBG arrives at a group of quintuplets. A horde of adorable Poochyena arrive. Gloo will Giga Drain them all. However, the Poochyena switches Lafawnda in instead, who defeats them.

PBG finds his friend the shirtless man. Maginator gets hit by a critical hit against Sharpedo, so he switches to Gloooo. Gloooo is hit by an Ice Fang, but Gloooo puts Sharpedo to sleep before using Giga Drain. It turns out that everything he had done was pointless!

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