PBG battles in the Pokemon graveyard, befgore making it to the top to fight a shirtless Team Aqua member.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 28 (POKEMON GRAVEYARD!)
Upload Date April 27th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Pelipper (PuttPu, Route 122, Lv 25)

Duskull (Bloooo, Mt. Pyre, Lv 31)

Deaths None
Starting team Zigzam (Lv 38), Maginator (Lv 39), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 39), Gloooo (Lv 36), Useless (Lv 24)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27)

Ending team Zigzam (Lv 40), Maginator (Lv 39), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 39), Gloooo (Lv 38), Useless (Lv 26)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27), PuttPu (Lv 25), Bloooo (Lv 31)

Badges 6
Locations Lilycove City, Team Aqua Hideout, Route 121, Route 122, Mt. Pyre

Synopsis Edit

PBG makes a terrible intro. PBG has skipped over a bunch of stuff. PBG fought May with Maginator and Lafawnda. He gives his Pokemon some medicine. A lot of it goes to Gloooo. PBG heads into the Team Aqua Hideout. He can't go past Team Aqua. He goes to the store, and goes all the way up. He ran out of money. PBG begs for a trash can with something in them.

PBG picks on someone wearing a cape - before changing his mind, wanting them to come back into style. PBG doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He heads back to find what he is missing. PBG wants a new Pokemon, but used a repel, so he has to sneak up on a Pokemon instead. Using Giga Drain barely  keeps Pelipper alive. Pelipper keeps on healing itself. PBG begs Pelipper to go to sleep before catching it.

PBG enters Mt. Pyre. It is a Pokemon graveyard. He battles a trainer. Giga Drain does a lot of damage. Gloooo is pretty solid, and ZigZam cleans up. PBG finds a wild Duskull, and catches it. PBG now has Gloooo and Bloooo!

PBG thinks it is disrespectful to be fighting when sad people are around. PBG sings about the Pokemon Graveyard, and apologizes to Jeff. Gloooo is sweeping everybody! Gloooo is almost killed by a Xatu from a sleeping man. PBG tells himself to wake up from his silly decision.

PBG arrives at the top of Mt. Pyre. He finds the Team Aqua leaders. PBG fights Shirtless Matt. Gloooo is almost killed by Sharpedo's Ice Fang. PBG forgets that Lafawnda is also weak against ice type moves! ZigZam and Sharpedo Slash each other. ZigZam survives a close call.

Shirtless Matt proves to be friendly. PBG is asked to take the important Red Orb - because the old people there didn't do a good job protecting it. PBG wants everyone to get May to do something for once!

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