PBG grinds his team and battles more trainers.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 27 (GLOOOO!)
Upload Date April 13th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Shuppet (Magomp, Route 121, Lv 27)
Deaths None
Starting team Zigzam (Lv 35), Maginator (Lv 37), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 35), Gloooo (Lv 26), Useless (Lv 20)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30)

Ending team Zigzam (Lv 37), Maginator (Lv 38), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 37), Gloooo (Lv 33), Useless (Lv 22)

Box: Titanic (Lv 30), Magomp (Lv 27)

Badges 6
Locations Fortree City, Route 120, Route 121

Synopsis Edit

PBG plans on playing off camera for most of the time. He wants to focus on leveling up Gloooo and Useless. PBG finds a Nest Ball. PBG is surprised by a Milotic. Maginator takes a lot of hits, but PBG is in front as he learns. PBG looks up a few things on Bulbapedia, but doesn't want to use it too much.

PBG finds a Nugget. Lafawnda is paralyzed, so he still doesn't use Psycho Shift. PBG battles another thug. PBG is disappointed that he doesn't get to hear the other music after riding the bike the whole time. PBG can't play Pokemon in the bathroom because he is connected to his computer.

Gloooo fights his first trainer Pokemon. PBG sings "Glooooooo!" as he wins the battle. PBG remembers Lawlup as a Lombre appears. PBG becomes worried about Gloooo, so he uses Moonlight to heal. Gloooo eventually pulls it off.

PBG discusses how Double-Edge sounds scarier than it actually is. ZigZam is no longer one of his go to Pokemon. PBG arrives at Route 121, and finds a Shuppet. PBG plays it safe by using an Ultra Ball.

PBG is horrified by a Hex Maniac. Gloooo is attacked with a curse. PBG almosts asks which Super Mario levels he should play, and laughs at himself.

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