PBG battles the flying gym, and doesn't learn from his mistakes.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 26 (OOPSIE!)
Upload Date April 6th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths DrnkyMcPanda (Lv 29)

Shedinja (Lv 21)

Starting team Zigzam (Lv 35), Maginator (Lv 36), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 34), Titanic (Lv 30), Shedinja (Lv 21)

Box: DrnkyMcPanda (Lv 29), Useless (Lv 20), Gloooo (Lv 26)

Ending team Zigzam (Lv 35), Maginator (Lv 37), Ninmat (Lv 31), Lafawnda (Lv 35), Titanic (Lv 30), Gloooo (Lv 26)

Box: Useless (Lv 20)

Badges 6 (Feather Badge)
Locations Fortree City

Synopsis Edit

PBG played some of the game off camera, and is now at the Fortree City gym. He will use Shedinja against Altaria. PBG explains his tactic. PBG almost makes a big mistake by using bugs against a flying type. He almost loses Nimnat.

Lafawnda battles a Skarmory. DrnkyMcPanda is put back into the team and almost is killed immediately by a Doduo. DrnkyMcPanda is killed shortly afterwards! PBG says he doesn't care about DrnkyMcPanda, but then becomes sad as he is released.

Glooo is put into the team. PBG states that it isn't hard to get Pokemon, but wiping out is a problem. Shedinja is sent out by Dodrio, and is killed. PBG did not learn his lesson from DrnkyMcPanda's death! PBG wants to cheat as he feels embarrassed. He wants to jump off a cliff!

PBG loves when Lafawnda uses Dragon Breath. PBG is worried, as he is now outnumbered after losing his best option. He arrives at Winona, and PBG forgot to switch! Lafawnda fights Swellow. He knows that Winona will use a Hyper Potion. Dragon Breath takes down Swellow fairly easily.

Altaria comes out next, and Maginator will show Altaria who's boss! Ice Fang one shots Altaria! Maginator continues to battle Pelipper. Pelipper keeps on healing, delaying the inevitable. Maginator finally wins. PBG wanted to use ZigZam, but decides against it. Maginator battles Skarmory and wins. PBG wins the battle and receives the Feather Badge. PBG is surprised at how well that went.

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