PBG sets out to battle Norman - his dad.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 22 (I HATE YOU, DAD!)
Upload Date March 18th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught None
Deaths SlappyMagee (Lv 29)
Starting team Zigzam (Lv 30), DrnkyMcPanda (Lv 26), Maginator (Lv 29), SlappyMagee (Lv 26) Daycare Center: Ninmat (Lv 16)
Ending team Zigzam (Lv 31), DrnkyMcPanda (Lv 27), Maginator (Lv 31) Daycare Center: Ninmat (Lv 16)
Badges 5 (Balance Badge)
Locations Petalburg City

Synopsis Edit

PBG will fight his deadbeat Dad. PBG shows that he has leveled up SlappyMagee, as well as others. Ninmat is at the Daycare Center. PBG will do his best to not repeat what happened last gym when he lost his main Pokemon. PBG fights the first gym battle. SlappyMagee fights Delcatty. Delcatty puts SlappyMagee to sleep. Maginator finishes it off.

PBG wants to use Revenge, but the enemies aren't using attacks on the first move. SlappyMagee gets put to sleep again! SlappyMagee continues to battle through the gym. He loses a lot of health off a critical hit. SlappyMagee is going to slap his enemies!

PBG will avoid the one-hit KO room! PBG likes using Zangoose in the trading card game. PBG doesn't want SlappyMagee to get hurt, so Maginator appears to lower its attack. SlappyMagee evolves. PBG forgot about Machoke in between Machop and Machamp. SlappyMagee almost knocks out a Linoone in one shot. With no one else to fight, PBG goes to see his dad. They begin the battle. Norman is boring.

Slaking starts off by taking huge amount of damage on SlappyMagee. PBG has no idea what to do now! PBG is frustrated as he realizes that Slaking loafs around. Maginator gets put to sleep. Slaking gets a Hyper Potion, and PBG gets more frustrated. DrnkyMcPanda deals a very small amount of damage. Maginator takes a small hit, and is still asleep. PBG sends out ZigZam, but still doesn't do very much damage. Slaking gets knocked out.

Almost everyone levels up. Vigoroth is the next Pokemon. Maginator keeps on using Dragon Rage. Maginator takes a big hit. Maginator finishes off Vigoroth.

PBG risks ZigZam against another Slaking. Rock Smash doesn't do a lot of damage to Slaking. ZigZam is almost killed by Chip Away. PBG panics and sends out SlappyMagee. SlappyMagee is killed. Maginator is sent out to kill Slaking with Dragon Rage. Maginator wins.

Peebins beat his dad. Norman is so disappointed that he lost! He should be proud of Peebins. Wally is the last person PBG wants to see! Norman supports the other kid, but not his own! PBG is excited to use Surf. PBG wonders why Wally always wears what looks like pyjamas.

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