PBG loses three of his Pokemon in one episode!

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 17 (SECRET BASE!)
Upload Date March 2nd 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Spinda (DrnkyMcPanda, Lv 17, Route 113)
Deaths Marlett (Lv 22)

Rupto (Lv 23) Lawlup (Lv 25)

Starting team Wurmpoo (Lv 20), Lawlup (Lv 24), Zigzam (Lv 23), Marlet (Lv 22), Rupto (Lv 19), Ninmat (Lv 10)

Box: Camel (Lv 13)

Ending team Wurmpoo (Lv 22), Zigzam (Lv 24), DrnkyMcPanda (Lv 17), Camel (Lv 13), Ninmat (Lv 10)
Badges 3
Locations Route 111, Route 113, Fallarbor Town, Route 114

Synopsis Edit

PBG tries to sing along with the music as he enters a trainer battle, and fails. PBG explains that he is skipping some of the boring battles. PBG likes a guy that appears, as he is sniffing for adventure! PBG wants to hang out with him! The man is looking for a secret base. PBG is not feeling very inspired by the conversation. The conversation goes on for a long time.

Rupto is hit by a super effective move from a Spoink. Psybeam also damages Marlet more than PBG was expecting. PBG is confused as he sees Mawile. PBG tries to ride up a ramp, but can't. Rupto has another close call against a Wingull. Marlett rocks as he destroys a Numel, only to die seconds later to a Roselia. The type chart is too complicated for PBG to remember.

May appears as PBG enters Route 113. She heals his team, including Marlet. PBG finds a new Pokemon in the snow. He finds a drunk panda! The Spinda is caught. DrunkyMcPanda is too long, so he has to drop the u. PBG comments that the Spindas look different.

A kid ninja jumps out of the ash. ZigZam headbutts the Koffings to death. PBG accidentally jumps off a ledge and misses an item.

PBG reaches Fallarbor Town, where he meets up with May. Something has happened! Marlet is released. PBG puts DrnkyMcPanda and Camel onto his team. He gets lost trying to find May. Rupto is killed to a Gyarados. Everything is going wrong!

PBG complains as Lawlup is also taking a lot of damage to another Gyarados. Lawlup is also killed! PBG is worried that he will lose the game to this Gyardos. PBG is saved as the Gyarados is confused. PBG is upset as two of his best Pokemon have been killed.

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