PBG begins to climb up Mt Chimney.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 16 (THE INTERVIEW!)
Upload Date February 25th 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Numel (Camel, Firey Path, Lv 13)
Deaths None
Starting team Wurmpoo (Lv 19), Lawlup (Lv 23), Zigzam (Lv 22), Marlet (Lv 19), Rupto (Lv 13), Ninmat (Lv 8)
Ending team Wurmpoo (Lv 20), Lawlup (Lv 24), Zigzam (Lv 23), Marlet (Lv 22), Rupto (Lv 19), Ninmat (Lv 10)

Box: Camel (Lv 13)

Badges 3
Locations Versanturf Town, Rusturf Tunnel, Route 116, Route 117, Route 111, Route 112, Firey Path

Synopsis Edit

PBG heads into a random cave. PBG finds a Whismur. He accidentally kills it. PBG needs to use Rock Smash on some rocks. PBG finds that this gives him a shortcut. PBG battles a news crew, and they interview him. PBG is confused by the question.

PBG finds May as he reaches Route 112. The characters look at Mt Chimney. May heals PBG's team, and gives him Strength. Rupto has both Leech Seed and Mega Drain. He fights a Taillow, and PBG decides to switch Rupto to Wurmpoo, only for Taillow to die before Wurmpoo can do anything. PBG is surprised that Wurmpoo's new move knocked out a Zubat in one shot. Lawlup also levels up and learns a new move. Bubble Beam looks cool from Lawlup, but PBG prefers how it looked like in the original games.

PBG continues to battle trainers. He thinks about walking to an area and seeing ten of the same guy! PBG correctly guesses that Numel was a fire type, and switched Rupto out for Lawlup. PBG is afraid of Machop's attack. PBG is confused as to why fighting is good against rock.

PBG investigates Team Aqua. PBG enters the Firey Path. A Numel appears, and PBG wants to name him Camel. Numel's attack has been lowered a lot, so PBG sends Rupto back out. Rupto is hit with a crit, but he heals. With Numel's health low, PBG catches Numel.

PBG finds a guy who seems really tough. PBG is shocked by Mightyena, and compares it to the enemy from the Digimon movie. PBG has grown to love ZigZam, and doesn't want to risk him. Lawlup is scared away, and PBG is confused, and accuses Mightyena of cheating. A lot of his team levels up, and PBG remains confused. PBG rambles at the end of his video.

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