ZigZam finally starts to become more useful as PBG continues his quest.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire HC! - Part 10 (ZIGZAM!)
Upload Date February 2nd 2015
Series Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

Pokémon Caught Electrike (Elmo, Route 110, Lv 12)
Deaths None
Starting team Tarty (Lv 18), Wurmpoo (Lv 16), Lawlup (Lv 18), Zigzam (Lv 5), Frank (Lv 17), Ninmat (Lv 6)
Ending team Tarty (Lv 20), Wurmpoo (Lv 17), Lawlup (Lv 18), Zigzam (Lv 12), Frank (Lv 18), Elmo (Lv 13)

Box: Ninmat (Lv 6)

Badges 2
Locations Route 110, Slateport City

Synopsis Edit

PBG figures out his strategy to play it safe to catch Electrike. He sends out Tarty. Tarty uses Sand Attack as Electrike raises its attack. PBG panics and uses Harden as Electrike continues to raise its attack. Electrike gets poisoned with Poison Sting. PBG captures Electrike. PBG names her Elmo. PBG wonders who he will get rid of - Nimnat.

PBG finds another Electrike and battles with Wurmpoo. PBG grinds and checks out Elmo. PBG likes the idea of using Morning Sun for Wurmpoo to heal itself.

PBG approaches some Team Aqua members, who walk off. PBG starts battling some trainers. He doesn't know what to do, as he has to battle Plusle, another electric type. Elmo is sent out to fight Minum. They trade Oran Berries, and both sides use it. Tarty finishes off Minum.

PBG checks out the bike path, and checks the trash cans. PBG walks into a room where he is being watched, and leaves. He goes back in and is very confused, and leaves again.

PBG expects to find the most awesome Pokemon ever in another grass area - but finds Gulpin. Lawlup and Wurmpoo fight Gulpin. Gulpin proves to be a tough opponent. Frank takes Gulpin out finally. PBG finds a Dire Hit. He battles a youngster with a Poochyena, and ZigZam gets his time to shine. PBG chants for ZigZam, as ZigZam finally gets his first kill by himself.

PBG goes for two wins in a row with Aron, but pulls him back. PBG doesn't know how to battle Aron. Elmo is almost killed, and Tarty is sent out to finish the battle off. PBG can't believe how lucky he has been. PBG is saddened as he gets rid of Sand Attack. He likes the new Flame Charge move though. PBG is proud of ZigZam.

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