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Welcome to the PeanutButterGamer WikiEdit

Hello and welcome to the PeanutButterGamer Wiki, and everything to do with PBG! Stay here for Hardcore, Reviews, Top 10's and Zelda Month! We are finally starting on PB&Jeff. Sorry for the long wait! Throughout this wiki you will see PBG, PeanutButterGamer and Austin used interchangeably, and that's fine because why not? Feel free to help out with whatever you can, or just look at the pages we already have.

Spoiler Alert! Edit

Some series on this wiki contain potential spoilers (such as Hardcore). Spoilers may not be marked, and deaths in Hardcore are listed on their page. Please do not create pages for spoiler Hardcore episodes until 2 weeks (14 days) have passed since the episode was uploaded to protect readers from being spoiled.

Shows Edit

Reviews Top 10's Hardcore
Sucking At PB & Jeff Collection series

Hosts Edit

PBG / Austin SpaceHamster / Jeff

Poll Edit

What series of Minecraft Hardcore was your favorite?

The poll was created at 03:01 on October 29, 2015, and so far 90 people voted.

What's NewEdit

  • April 8th 2015 - The wiki surpasses 50 pages.
  • April 17th 2015 - Prowler64 becomes the admin.
  • April 27th 2015 - The wiki surpasses 100 pages.
  • May 23rd 2015 - The wiki surpasses 150 pages.
  • July 16th 2015 - The wiki surpasses 200 pages.
  • September 2nd - The wiki surpasses 250 pages.
  • October 28th 2015 - The wiki surpasses 300 pages
  • February 12th 2016 - The wiki surpasses 400 pages.
  • June 1st 2016 - The wiki surpasses 500 pages.
  • September 13th 2016 - The wiki surpasses 600 pages.
  • January 2017 - The wiki surpasees 700 pages.

Latest video Edit

50 FUNNY Ways to DIE in Zelda Breath of the Wild Edit

50 FUNNY Ways to DIE in Zelda Breath of the Wild - PBG07:15

50 FUNNY Ways to DIE in Zelda Breath of the Wild - PBG

PBG shows 50 of the ways he died while playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Latest Hardcore series Edit

Minecraft Season 5 Edit

Austin, McJones, Dean, Ray Narvaez Jr, ProJared, SpaceHamster and Barry are on a quest to acquire the Elytra.

Watch the series here!

Affiliates Edit

ScrewAttack Wiki | ProJared Wiki | JonTron Wiki | PeanutButterGamer Wiki | Normal Boots Wiki

Latest activityEdit

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