PBG and Jeff continue to argue playing Mario Party.

PRE-EMPTIVE ATTACK! - Mario Party 1 (Part 3)
Upload Date August 27th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 8 Edit

Jeff rolls a 10, and gets a star, as PBG wants to end the episode. This is the second time Jeff has got a star this entire time. Jeff is right next to the next star, but would have to go against the rules of the board to get it. The next game is Mushroom Mix-Up. They discuss stealing coins with Boo. Wario wins after jumping on Jeff.

Turn 9 Edit

Wario should have switched the doors, and now neither Wario nor PBG can get the star. They play Shy Guy Says as Azura enters the room. PBG and Jeff shout every time they have to raise their flags. Jeff wins the intense battle.

Turn 10 Edit

PBG was panicking. The doors are switched, and PBG needed to roll low, and goes the wrong way anyway. The next game is Bowl Over. Jeff knocks over Mario.

Turn 11 Edit

There are a lot of coins going around the board. Jeff and PBG are going to trade stars. Jeff argues with PBG. Mario plays Limbo Dance, and loses. PBG is wrong about a lot of things. They play Bash 'n' Cash. The n looks like a sad face. Jeff bounces on everyone again.

Turn 12 Edit

Jeff can't get to the star unless he switches the doors. Jeff decides that he needs to save his coins. The next game is Bombsketball. Jeff and Mario win. PBG is annoyed that he lost coins for that.

Turn 13 Edit

Wario makes his move before they can pause.

Current Results Edit

Player . Character Stars Coins
1 Jeff 2 35
2 Mario 0 78
3 PBG 0 73
4 Wario 0 60

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