Rather then reviewing the game, PBG watches some bizarre reactions to Pokemon Go on the news.

Upload Date July 16th 2016
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Synopsis Edit

PBG has been hearing about Pokemon Go - which has been all over the news. Both of the nominees for president have mentioned it! A lot of people do not like it. PBG had both Yu Gi Oh cards and Pokemon Pinball taken away from him in school because they were 'demonic'!

PBG shows a clip about someone talking about channeling Pokemon powers. PBG would not be mad about having his child shooting flames from his arm. That would be awesome!

PBG shows a clip about someone being hit by a car while playing Pokemon Go. The game apparently dragged the girl across the highway. It is upsetting if that is actually happening! She wasn't even playing the game when the accident occurred - so it isn't the game's fault! Apparently kids don't just cross the street. With this mother's logic, anything can be blamed on any app for any reason just because it was present. PBG blames Twitter for someone punching him in the face!

PBG plays a soundbite of a man calling Pokemon 'digital demons'. PBG simply shakes his head. The man even complains about the game working as intended! It is strange that he even downloaded the app considering he was apparently so afraid of the demons. It sounds like he doesn't actually believe what he is saying. PBG is confused as to why pastors wouldn't want people going to their church. The man compares the game to Islamic Jihadists! PBG leaves and yells that it is just a game!

PBG agrees that he would rather live in a virtual world then the real world. PBG decides to go play a video game. An outtake is shown of PBG tapping on his tablet that isn't even on.