Jeff struggles to ride on a raft, and the game slowly stops working.

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR DISC! - Link Faces of Evil (CDI) #3
Upload Date November 21st 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Zelda CDI - Link Faces of Evil


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff go to Spearfish Falls. The controller keeps on getting stuck. Jeff is already under attack! He is killed within seconds. Jeff walks onto a raft, and he falls into the water and dies. He makes it into a cave. Jeff gives up on life after losing his raft! Jeff falls into water again after not knowing that a platform could not be walked on. PBG grabs the controller and pushes Jeff off the raft. Jeff makes it past the waterfall, but is killed by a bat as he tries to leave the cave.

PBG takes over. People asks Jeff if he actually played the game for PBG for his video. PBG gets annoyed at how he isn't doing as well as he thought he would. PBG gets into the cave, and instantly falls off the raft. PBG makes it past the cave, and makes it to an area with flying fish.

The music stops, and the game freezes! The game starts playing again extremely slowly! PBG continues to try to play. The footage is fast forwarded as Link falls to the ground. PBG makes up nonsense about Lord of the Rings. PBG tries to die so they can save the game. PBG dies, and thy hope that the game loads back in. The game is still very slow, and the music sounds weird. It took five minutes to die! A message saying 'Please clean your disc' appears, and the series ends on a blank screen.

The series ends here, but would be picked up again a year later.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of PB&Jeff that did not end with the PB&Jeff ending.

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