PBG plays Pajama Sam, after already talking about Putt-Putt and Freddie Fish.

Upload Date February 11th 2017
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Synopsis Edit

PBG was very sad, and has no friends at all, and was dumb. He found a video game called Putt-Putt and everything changed - except he was still dumb and had no friends. PBG plays in the snow alone. PBG talks about the Putt-Putt videos. He also has talked about Freddie Fish with Brutalmoose, so he talks about Pajama Sam. PBG explains how the story begins. Pajama Man is the lamest superhero PBG has ever heard of. PBG plays Rocket League as his child cries for his attention.

PBG boos an ant called Rachael. PBG has to click on anything. He clicks on a button, expecting it to blow up. It doesn't, until PBG continues to press it, and it blows up. It becomes obvious that the entire world is Sam's imagination due to the creativity. An old man contradicts himself by saying he used to have video games, and not having video games. PBG places a sock into a basket, and cheers reluctantly.

Tree guys take Sam's stuff. PBG is now afraid of blue trees. PBG tries to offer a tree a piece of wood, and decides that it isn't a good idea. PBG arrives at Dark's house - which has light coming out from the windows - and there is a sign.

Sam talks to Otto, a boat who is not a good conversationalist. Even Sam looks at Otto as Otto is a complete moron. Eventually, the wood sinks!

Sam is prevented from continuing by trees. PBG fights a tree with a large branch while his dogs run away. PBG questions how trees can even cross a road. The trees are incredibly stupid, and putting wood on Sam's head allows him to cross. PBG reaches Dark's house, but doesn't even have his lunchbox, which is important to have. Everyone in Dark's house is singing. The refrigerator's song is not good.

The game freezes. PBG sings about wanting to die. PBG plays again, and there are slight differences to the previous time he played. PBG explains the segment with a minecart with rust. PBG demands to skip the singing refrigerator again and frees the carrots.

PBG now has 1 out of 3 things he needs. Sam is into channeling ancient spirits! PBG has to take a quiz to continue playing. None of the questions matter anyway. Sam swings on a chandelier for a long time. PBG finds the other items, and confronts Darkness.

PBG likes to play games. Sam beats Darkness in Tic Tac Toe. PBG talks about fear. PBG is afraid of aliens. Todd laughs at PBG's outro move.