PBG and Jeff race enemies on a rollercoaster.

OLD KONG: Donkey Kong Country 2 #8 - PB&Jeff
Upload Date August 10th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff sing in their intro. Jeff wonders what the character's faces are doing. PBG wants Jeff to do another cart level despite liking them. PBG figures out how the level works - they have to kill all the enemies along the way. Jeff is worried that they will lose all their lives after falling off. Passing enemies counts as beating them. PBG falls straight off, and Jeff notices that the game no longer saves their lives.

PBG wonders how someone could race on a rollercoaster. PBG discusses the controls, and how they both like to go fast in platformers. PBG falls off after bouncing off an enemy. This is a hard level! Jeff keeps dying by jumping off enemies into pits. They are worried about running out of lives. They reach the end of the level with 3 enemies left. The level is complete, and PBG guesses that there is a prize for winning. They don't have any coins and cannot save!

They start a new level, and PBG panics as they need more lives. A goofy Sonic throws the characters into the air. Jeff panics, and is killed to a vulture. They need to try harder, as they are approaching their last life. Jeff jumps into a vulture. PBG walks into the swamp. PBG has a short tantrum after killing himself. They panic, and want more lives by collecting bananas.

A Sonic enemy takes them and walks off the stage, killing them! PBG goes to save. PBG can hold his crate in front of him, giving him a shield. PBG walks into the swamp again, and gets a game over. Jeff complains about PBG throwing bananas away. They talk about things that fans have sent in to them. Jeff finds the checkpoint.

Someone gave Jeff "Armed for Battle". PBG is worried that the fans and getting bored. PBG starts singing Time of Our Lives with PB&Jeff related lyrics. Jeff jumps to the end of the level, and gets an extra life.

PBG and Jeff like it when people click on the videos.

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