PBG plays Nintendogs + Cats after getting a new puppy.

Nintendogs + Cats
Upload Date April 18th 2014
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Synopsis Edit

PBG has a new puppy named Namira who has a hair stuck on her face from her brother Luca! Luca ruins everything! PBG decides to exploit her on the internet for views! PBG decides to play Nintendogs + Cats because taking care of a puppy is hard work. Namira whines when PBG puts her down.

PBG didn't think he would ever play a game like this. It works pretty well for what it is, and even PETA liked it, and PBG thinks that PETA doesn't like anything. This is the new Nintendogs game and there are probably guns in it. PBG is told that there are no guns. PBG doesn't know how to start a new save file, so he is stuck with the dog of the previous owner of the game. Her name is Coco, and the character's name is "a man". PBG tries to buy a new better dog. PBG wants to get a German Shepard that looks like his other dog Luca, but he can't afford it!

PBG discusses how the game works, and that he needs to win competitions in order to get the money he needs for his new puppy. Puppies in video games are much easier to take care of than puppies in real life. PBG splashes water in Coco's face, and Coco doesn't care! Video game dogs have cute poop! They don't pee in the house either. Real puppies don't just sit around either.

PBG takes Coco for a walk, and it doesn't do what PBG wants to do. Someone is trying to talk to PBG on Skype. Coco keeps on peeing. Coco outleaves her welcome. PBG sings a song about training his dog. Coco sucks at catching frisbees, and PBG still doesn't have enough money after doing all the competitions he's allowed to do in one day.

After a few more competitions, PBG has enough money for a better dog, who looks like Namira. PBG got her a wizard hat. PBG tries to play Frisbee with Namira, and someone else's dog retrieves it, and PBG wants to kill it! PBG decides to just throw the Frisbee away, but that same dog brings it back! PBG learned that people on the internet may think that PBG isn't qualified to have a puppy - and may be right. There are also cats in this game - they don't do anything! PBG holds Namira up to the camera and yawns.