PBG makes an announcement about Normal Boots returning.

Upload Date January 25th 2014
Series Announcement Videos


Synopsis Edit

PBG has an announcement! He has been excited for this for a long time! NormalBoots is returning! There is also an episode of The PeanutButterGamer Show ready to be watched. The video will be exclusive there for a period of time.

PBG explains that he wants to have a home for his friends, and that YouTube is an uncertain place with copyright issues at the moment. There are also some videos that PBG wants to do, that he would get into trouble for on YouTube, so he can do them on NormalBoots instead.

As well as the originals like JonTron, Continue?, The Completionist and Did You Know Gaming, who are all returning, there are two new comers including ProJared and Satchbags.

There may be some new exclusive content in the near future.