PBG and Jeff play some more Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

NOW I'M PISSED! - Star Wars Battlefront Beta!
Upload Date October 23rd 2015
Series PB&Jeff


Synopsis Edit

It is difficult to do the intro over Skype. They are doing Survival Tatooine, and PBG decides to play with Jeff. PBG wants to host the show with ketchup instead, and a new intro is shown. PBG is more excited about this mode so because he likes playing against the AI.

The first wave was very easy. PBG wants to camp in a tent. One of the shocktroopers destroys PBG's house. PBG destroys the other houses. They barely notice that the wave was destroyed. PBG is worried about fighting the AT-STs, and they panic and run from them. They manage to snipe the AT-ST. Snipers are going to shoot at them. They get shot and have to run as they are followed.

PBG and Jeff are having a lot more fun then in the multiplayer. Enemies are coming from all directions. They both panic as the enemies have shields. They get separated. All the enemies are defeated. One of them blows up in the air. They find that they have jetpacks.

Another wave enters. Another AT-ST appears. They run from the enemies. The wave is complete, and they beat all the waves in the beta. They move onto the Walker Assault after the first round was fairly short. Jeff finds a walker. PBG is killed. They both want to get into a vehicle. PBG sees Jeff and wants to kill him. Someone else kills Jeff.

PBG sees Darth Vader and goes with him. Jeff shoots at Darth Vader. Darth destroys everything before he eventually dies. PBG wants to kill Luke Skywalker and succeeds. Jeff kills three people back to back. PBG walks into the enemy base and gets destroyed and killed by Jeff. Jeff is surprised to see Darth Vader.

A TIE fighter crashes in front of Jeff. PBG walks into some guy's shield and dies. PBG assists killing Luke Skywalker again. PBG pins people down with a cannon. PBG's team wins.

With the game coming out in November, PBG and Jeff are looking forward to the game's release. Jeff fails the outro. They succeed at saying Bye Bye together.

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