PBG makes a review for a game he was in! Sort of.

NBA Jam Review - Bangalanga-Do-Dah!
Upload Date October 26th 2010
Series Reviews


Synopsis Edit

PBG claims that long time viewers will know that he is a NBA expert. A shot of PBG slam dunking a basketball with PBG rapping over it is played. Well, sort of. Another clip is shown of him falling over playing basketball. PBG is discussing this game because he is in it!

Austin won a catch-phrase competition where the winners would have their catchphrase mentioned in the game, and Austin was one of the winners. His catchphrase was "Bangalanga-Do-Dah!" His name was also in the credits. PBG reads some of the hate on the internet about his catchphrase.

He begins reviewing the game and is instantly annoyed by the A and B buttons being swapped for no reason. The gameplay controls are also complicated, noting that new players will get confused by them. The game is very fun, and the negatives are nitpicky. The game is entertaining and deep.

PBG discusses the other modes in the game. PBG's favorites are Twenty-one and Elimination, despite how crazy they can get sometimes. PBG didn't feel that the power-ups in Remix mode added anything significant to the game. He ends the video with another Bangalanga-Do-Dah.