PBG plays another island survival game - where he plays as a naked man.

NAKED CRAZY MAN! - Reign of Kings (Part 1)
Upload Date May 1st 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing Reign of Kings, an early alpha game that isn't finished. His character looked a little too normal, so PBG gave him tiny feet! PBG gets scared by the sound effects. There is a dead guy nearby. PBG accidentally stabs him! He then repeatedly stabs the guy! The guy turns into a bag!

PBG collects some flowers, berries and sticks. PBG tries to remember the game that he played a while ago - The Forest. This is the second time PBG needed to be reminded.

PBG knocks down a tree. PBG sees a house, and collects dirt. PBG thinks his character is pretty scary looking. He heads into the house. He takes the fat he finds in the house. He eats the berries, and looks at some odd structures that have been made. He tries to kill a deer, but it gets away. PBG can hear somebody nearby. PBG is scared, and decides to leave.

PBG finds that he can create armor. There is a guy nearby. His guy looks more intimidating now. PBG watches a guy running at another guy. PBG almost gets attacked. PBG watches the fight, not knowing who is who. He gets involved in the fight, trying to kill the little guy. PBG decides to leave.

PBG wants to kill a chicken. PBG is upset as he kills it. PBG pretends to cry as he continues to beat it. PBG is getting a lot of feathers from the chicken. PBG sees a guy running around with a sword. He finds a house, and decides to rob it. The door is locked.

He tries to beat the door down. PBG eventually manages to break the wall. PBG gets some more armor. PBG can hear someone nearby. He looks around as he continues to hit the house. PBG heads away.

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