This is the second Hardcore short in Mount & Blade.

Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars HC - WE'RE GOING DOWN!
Upload Date March 22nd 2014
Series Hardcore


Synopsis Edit

This is the second Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars Hardcore. This Hardcore features PBG, Shane, SpaceHamster, Brutalmoose, Dean, McJones and Barry. Once again, they are playing until they die. Dean is excited about being able to play in the boat level.

They all run towards the boat, and aim for a house before their opponents do. SpaceHamster tries to shoot towards the boat. The get into the house, and PBG shoots his own teammate! Everyone breaks open the windows. PBG and SpaceHamster both get shot instantly.

There are many of them, and they have rockets! Everyone panics, as everyone but Shane and Barry are killed. Shane gets stabbed, and soon Barry is too.

They all reset and try again.

McJones wants to sprint faster. They head back into the house again, and are being shot at. They try to break the windows again. McJones is surprised that he shot someone. The enemies are coming, and PBG tries to shoot them. Dean is killed. SpaceHamster gets into a melee duel. Jeff axes a guy. PBG misses a guy playing a bagpipe! Brutalmoose is killed. McJones hates the muskets in this game.

Jeff puts up protection from the house, and is soon killed. PBG tries to shoot someone out the window, but is killed first. The enemies are breaking down the barricades. They enter and McJones misses. Barry, and McJones are killed, and Shane is soon after.

They try for the third time, and are aiming for the boat.

PBG is picked off before they reach the boat, and everyone else cries out. They get into the boat, and argue about who is steering. They don't know how to use the boat. Dean gets trapped in the boat. They finally work it out, and get back into the boat. They shoot at some nearby enemies. Dean falls in the water and drowns.

The boat is hit, and Barry, Shane and Brutalmoose are all killed. There is now a hole in the boat. SpaceHamster tries to get them out of this, and McJones panics. The boat sinks, and SpaceHamster gets trapped in the boat! They both are walking underwater, and McJones drowns. SpaceHamster drowns moments later.

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