PBG, Shane, SpaceHamster, Brutalmoose, Dean, McJones and Barry all took past in a short version of Hardcore in Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars.

Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars - HC Shorts! (Ep. 1)
Upload Date August 2nd 2013
Series Hardcore


Synopsis Edit

Everyone is playing Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars, and they are playing until they die. PBG shows off everyone as they all dance. PBG dances after everyone else leaves.

Dean is leading the charge.They fire at the enemy, except for Barry, who fires at a teammate! Everyone misses! The reload animation looks like you are slitting your wrists! McJones hits someone. Dean shoots a horseman on a bridge. They decide to charge the bridge. Brutalmoose is killed!

SpaceHamster stabs people, as Barry chases one guy. They kill another horseman. There are several people still in the house. Barry has been slain. Dean has killed three people so far! PBG shoots a person loading a cannon, and gets into a sword fight. He kills two people before being killed. SpaceHamster is 8-0! He likes killing! McJones asks if Austin is alive, only to be met by silence.

The second round starts. They see a bad guy running around a house. Dean takes the lead, and shoots a guy in the face! McJones shoots another one! SpaceHamster sprints across an opening hoping to not die. They charge the bridge, and SpaceHamster is instantly killed after saying it is a bad idea! The others get shot at, and decide to retreat.

They hide in a house to reload. They are low on health and Dean decides to go back to the bridge, and is killed quickly. Shane hets shot. Other people are charging the bridge. McJones screams as he is stabbed. Shane is alone, and is quickly killed. They all laugh after they hear Shane's "Noooo". PBG is running to the river to drown. A bunch of enemies run past, and kill Barry, and PBG is killed just before he reaches the river.

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