PBG is excited to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and wants to take on a tough monster!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Part 1 (LET'S DO IT!)
Upload Date January 28th 2015
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing a video about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. PBG got this game a month before the game released. He is excited about the game, and he got the game early! He starts a new game and creates his character.

He is on a sand ship. PBG doesn't think he is ready as a gigantic monster attacks the ship. PBG doesn't know what to do! PBG complains that he wasn't told a gigantic monster would appear! PBG mispronounces everything. PBG doesn't want to get the guy's hat back! He successfully runs up the monster and gets the hat back.

PBG shoots at the monster with cannon balls. The monster jumps over the boat, and PBG wonders why it doesn't just land on the boat. PBG is caught off guard as a rock lands next to him. He panics. PBG hits a gong, causing the monster to leave. PBG realizes that there were more people on the ship!

PBG is done with the introduction, and is ready for some quests. PBG has found he has a pet pig. It knocks him over and the pig disappears! PBG grinds and has a hammer now. PBG has done a bunch of little quests, and thinks he is facing a bigger monster now. PBG says that the fans can suggest weapons for him to use next time.

PBG catches some bugs. PBG reads through the instructions for the quest. The large bug monster appears. It looks pretty big! PBG gets hit by some gunk and gets knocked down and out of the map! PBG climbs on a wall and wants to jump on him. The monster can get stuck in the wall. PBG gets stabbed a few times, and is having trouble. PBG hits the insect with his hammer.

He tries to throw paintballs, and it takes three paintballs to hit. PBG leaps off a cliff to hit him with a hammer. PBG jumps on it and stabs it. He gets knocked off and performs a charged attack. Jumping on a monster helps the player catch up. PBG breaks the monster's horn, completing the sub-quest. PBG needs a new weapon to upgrade his hammer.

The monster leaves, and PBG finds it and attacks it after jumping over it. Every big monster is challenging. PBG tries to jump onto the monster and fails. PBG quickly kills the monster, as it only needed one more hit. PBG harvests the monster and scavengers approach, and PBG kills them. The quest is complete!

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