PBG and KaeyiDreams continue to play Monster Hunter 3. Part 1 is here.

Monster Hunter 3 W/KaeyiDream! - (Part 2 of 2)
Upload Date November 8th 2013
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

PBG wants to show KaeyiDream how to cook. He gets the controls wrong. She tries it out, and pulls  the meat out too early. She tries again, and pulls it out too late. The pair try to gather materials from monsters to construct a new weapon. PBG gets Kaeyi to run away until PBG collects some bones.

PBG panics as the monster threatens. PBG jinxes it, as he says the bear isn't interested in them just as it charges. The bear runs away. They complete the quest. PBG laments and gets over his depression quickly!

Kaeyi has a new weapon now. They are bad at the stereotypical things that they should be good at! PBG is bad at armwrestling, and Kaeyi is bad at cooking! They discuss life lessons. They prepare for a new monster. They eat a meal. They are afraid of this monster with their terrible gear.

PBG starts by paintballing the monster, and Kaeyi hits the monster. A smaller monster becomes annoying, and they both take damage. They are not prepared for this monster. PBG almost gets knocked off a cliff, as Kaeyi attacks it's butt. PBG fails to sneak up on it. They become more confident, as they aren't taking as much damage as they expected. PBG tries to do a power attack, but gets knocked over!

They continue to attack. The paintball wears off as the monster gets away. They find it again and attack it. It is enraged, and deals lots of damage. A rathian shows up to fight as well, and she is mad! She attacks the original monster! They thank the Rathian for helping out!

PBG remembers the Rathian name, and it reminds PBG of Games of Thrones. The Rathian continues to attack the monster, and it leaves. PBG runs back to the wrong place, and they have to return. Kaeyi ends up being killed by the Rathian. PBG apologizes for stuffing up.

They find the monster again. Kaeyi's battery in her WiiMote has died! She goes to  get more batteries, and the Rathian returns! They are both almost killed. Kaeyi is killed when she gets her batteries back in. The two monsters fight, as both players get poisoned. PBG gets attacked by the Rathian again! Rathian is an attention whore! The other monster just hangs back derping around.

They continue to search for, and attack the monster, but the Rathian continues to chase them. PBG gets a charged attack off finally. The monster is almost taken down. It jumps up as PBG was about to use a charge attack. The Rathian returns again! They both faint again. The quest is failed. They were so unlucky as the Rathian wouldn't stop attacking them.

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