Minecraft Hardcore was a series where PBG and six others played through Minecraft on Hardcore mode to defeat the Wither. The six other members were Barry, ProJared, NintendoCapriSun, KyrakThePoet, Dean and McJones.

List of Episodes Edit

Episode No. Title / Link to page on wiki Link to video
1 Ft. NCS, ProJared, + Kyrak! Video
3 Epic Burns! Video
4 Nice Slave Driver! Video
5 Sucking Up! Video
6 Fast Talking! Video
7 Kyrak Furniture! Video
8 Return of the Skulltun! Video
9 Danger, Danger! Video
10 Nether Bridges! Video
11 It's a Lot to Handle! Video
12 So Many Cows! Video
13 Chicken Man! Video
14 Foreboding Lightning! Video
15 Chicken Killing Time! Video
16 Stupidest Plan Ever! Video
17 Beautiful Music! Video
18 The Great Hunt! Video
19 Today We Farm! Video
20 The Dean Sword! Video

Death Chart Edit

Name Character Username Episode of Death Cause of Death Last Words
Dean Marth (Fire Emblem) balmung135 5 Was defending the base with Jared and was shot by a skeleton. Bad!


Pirate Poet KyrakThePoet 8 Due to lagging severely, the team (PBG) killed him.


Locke (Final Fantasy 6) Diath 13 PBG was lagging very badly, and was being chased by a Creeper. Jared ran in and triggered the Creeper. The creeper exploded and killed him. PBG, look out!


Yoshi TheRealNCS 15 While on his way home, a spider and 2 Creepers attacked him. His game froze and he was blown up. It's not letting me do anything. Like I can't—


Shaggy PBG 19 He shot a Pigman from long distance, but didn't realize there was one behind him. The pigman was aggroed and killed him. Help me!


Regulus (Bomberman) McJonesRylie 19 Attacked by zombie pigmen while attempting to kill wither skeletons. Aw, he jumped down... No he didn't!
Barry Kermit the Frog razzbarry 20 While fighting a blaze, a zombie pigman finishes him off. Oh, woah woah!

Result Edit

Barry, alone in the Nether with a single Wither Skeleton head begins to go insane. After a long time of being alone, he eventually dies, ending the series in the Nether.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyle's death in this season was the only death caused by another player purposely, besides the end of Minecraft Hardcore Season 1 where Barry and Jon dueled after the defeat of the Ender Dragon. Barry ended up as the victor.

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