MINECRAFT ASMR! is the ninth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date April 22nd 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 9

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

Jeff is stuck on a ladder, and Dean is attempting to rescue him, but accidentally removes the cobblestone block from below him, and Jeff falls, losing one and a half health. Dean was terrified thinking that he murdered his friend! Jeff tries to finish his ladder. PBG keeps on saying that nobody has died yet. McJones finds one of Jeff's ladders, saying it is unsafe. He climbs it anyway!

Everyone climbs up. The team decides where they are going to place the nether portal. McJones builds the portal, and they all go to bed. There is a discussion about ASMRs.

There are now a lot of trees in their tree farm. There is a tree above their cave door with a torch on top of it, and Caddy is confused as to how it got there. PBG decides to enter the nether portal. He finds that the spawn area is safe. One by one, they all enter the nether. There are holes in the ground, and PBG patches them up. McJones is lagging a lot and can't record.

PBG and Barry want to build a bridge. There is a island nearby full of zombie pigmen. A ghast appears, and PBG wants to kill it, but McJones doesn't want to. Jeff finds a pathway behind the portal. Barry still wants to build a bridge!

They find an open area, and Caddy puts himself in charge of lighting the area up. They find the fortress below them. They all remember the wither skeletons from the previous hardcore series. They reach the fortress and there are wither skeletons around them, which they kill.

PBG kills a blaze and picks up its rod. They need to go deeper to find nether wart. They continue to kill blazes. They kill some more wither skeletons and blazes. Barry gets surrounded by three wither skeletons and a skeleton, and he kills them, but gets poisoned by the wither.

Caddy becomes lost. While everyone is screaming, Caddy becomes fascinated by everything he sees. Dean continues to fight more blazes. McJones accidentally hits a pigmen, and everyone panics and runs.

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