TRAPPED! is the third episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date March 30th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore 4
Episode No. 3

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

The crew are all still going underground to dig. They get stuck as Jeff is still building stairs. Caddy can hear mobs. Everyone is yelling among themselves and a creeper appears, and Jeff removes a block getting everyone except for PBG stuck at the stairs near the creeper. Jeff kills the creeper. McJones is stuck back even further. Another creeper blows up next to Caddy, damaging him. They all continue to explore the dark cave and help Caddy.

PBG is attacked by several mobs, and blows up a few creepers as he walks through a dark cavern. Suddenly, a witch appears near PBG and McJones, and PBG decides to block the area off. Barry finds a ravine, and starts to build a bridge across it.

PBG makes more armor for everyone before going onto an adventure. Everyone complains about PBG giving Jeff the iron after hogging it all to himself. PBG continues to hog all the iron for himself, and gives Barry and Stewart the iron armor that he made. Some people head outside. PBG, Caddy and Dean head back underground. Dean accidentally hits PBG, and he panics. Caddy falls off a platform into a dark cave.

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