CREEPY KINGS! is the second episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date March 27th 2015
Series Minecraft Season 4
Episode No. 2

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

Everyone ventures outside, but there is a creeper out there, and they all run back in. Dean is stuck outside, and creeper blows up, and Dean manages to get back in. Barry finds some iron ore. Jeff goes outside, but gets shot by a skeleton, and Caddy and PBG fight it off. Everyone continues to investigate the area, and PBG lights up a cave. Dean tries to get McJones to go with him.

PBG wants to make a boat, but everyone comments that they are worse than before. Dean comments that Caddy is him from season 1. Barry continues to find more iron, and PBG wonders why he hasn't done anything cool yet. Shrek is riding in a boat in the distance! Caddy converts his wood into sticks. Caddy and PBG become "king buddies", and Caddy comments on how creepy kings are.

PBG, McJones and Dean explore a cave, and Dean gets lost. Everyone makes wood jokes while they make swords and pickaxes. Caddy finds a big black cube in the sky, and hopes it was just a glitch. Caddy mistakes McJones for Jeff, and Dean comments that they must have Gavin Free playing with them today! Caddy gets called Daniel Radcliffe a lot, and Caddy's face is replaced with Daniel Radcliff's face!

McJones puts a Tetris piece in the house. Dean wants to get a new house, but McJones doesn't agree. PBG finds a cave, and Caddy almost starves to death. Jeff builds stairs down into the cave. Dean makes a story about the Burger King and King of Cosmos.

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