PBG, along with Caddicarus, SpaceHamster, McJones, Dean and Barry set off to begin their journey to fight the Elder Guardians. Ft. Caddicarus & SpaceHamster! is the first episode of Minecraft Hardcore Season 4.

Ft. Caddicarus & SpaceHamster!
Upload Date March 25th 2015
Series Minecraft Season 4
Episode No. 1

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

Everyone says hello, and PBG tells them all to be quiet, because he is going to do the intro. Everyone jumps except for SpaceHamster. Everyone is introduced. Dean gets stuck with sticky keys! McJones wants the viewers to figure out who he is. Dean is an anime. Dean wants a montage with "Get Shreked" all over the screen when Jeff dies.

They are surrounded by water on a small island, and chickens. Everyone that PBG knows is at PAX East, so there are only six people in this series. Dean sees a rabbit for the first time. Dean thinks he is going to die to the Monty Python rabbit. Professor McJones briefly mentions the goal of the series. Dean gets afraid by everyone's achievements. Caddy doesn't really know how to play, and last played two years ago. Yungtown was almost in this series.

Everyone is killing the sheep and chickens and planting trees. They decide to make their house out of a cave. Dean sees a large cave on another island, and they head over to it. It begins to get dark. McJones is worried about going into the dark cave where monsters are likely to be. They get into the cave, put a lot of torches up, and close it all up.

Dean loses all the wood by making sticks and buttons. Two people make furnaces. They dig out their cave. Dean discusses how painful it was to watch the original Yu-Gi-Oh episode, and Caddy brings up when he watched the first Pokémon episode recently.

The crew discuss the taste of drinks including water. Half the team agree that water tastes gross. They spend some time cooking food and throwing it on the floor while they wait for the night to end.

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