RETURN TO THE TEMPLE! is the eighteenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 27th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 18

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

They continue fishing, and try to interrupt each other. Dean's boat runs away, and tries to hook it with his fishing rod - which breaks the boat! Once they have a ton of pufferfish, McJones finishes the potion. PBG has a clown fish, and tries to keep it as a pet by throwing it in the house. PBG keeps throwing his sword. They begin to enchant their armor further.

A skeleton breaks into the house and starts attacking Jeff. Everyone gets at least 4 of each potion. They head back to their boats. Jeff hits Dean's boat, which breaks. They arrive at the temple, drink their potions and head down. McJones starts to drown, as he forgot to take his potion!

The speed potion makes only a small difference. Dean leads as they head into the temple. Austin gets left behind, and a guardian starts shooting at the group. They all head into the temple, and start killing guardians. They head into their shelter.

Dean leads them up to where the boss is, only to find many guardians everywhere. Jeff gets into trouble, but lives. They take a break in an empty room. Some guardians get in, and they have to remind each other not to panic and hit each other.

They move into a larger room, and see multiple guardians to attack, and find the first elder guardian, and find that he is much bigger. He gives a lot of damage. PBG gets down to 1 1/2 hearts! They build some walls, and Dean gets down to 1 1/2 hearts.

They managed some hits on the boss. Jeff has to kill a guardian that is trapped in a wall. They all continue to heal. Jeff gets another shot on the elder guardian. They move in on the elder guardian and kill it. One down, two to go!

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