GONE FISHING! is the seventeenth episode of season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 23rd 2015
Series Minecraft Season 4
Episode No. 17

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Everyone gets surrounded by the guardians, and PBG gets down to 2 1/2 hearts! Jeff is attacked by 2 of them, and goes down to 1 1/2 hearts! They are all screaming. Dean also gets down to a very low level. McJones is confused, as he thought the boss was supposed to spawn in this area. A guardian attacks them from above. This task proves to be much harder than they thought it wiuld be. PBG takes a lot of hits, and goes down to 4 hearts.

Dean has three of them on him. Jeff thinks he sees the big one, but it isn't. They are all worried by their short amount of time remaining. They continue to be attacked. They are all begining to believe that they need to leave to get more water potions, and Dean drops his sword!

McJones finds one of the bosses inside one of the rooms above them. Dean screams a bunch. McJones instructs everyone to move to the room above them. They build a new wall, but Dean has gone back to the wrong base. They enter the inside of the temple. They are on their last potions. Dean and McJones are inside the castle, and PBG and Jeff are lost.

Dean gets down to 1 1/2 hearts! They all meet up and are still being attacked. They decide to retreat back to the surface. They still get hit on their way up. They make it back to their boats.

A little later on, they pretend that they beat the boss already, before realizing that they didn't. They are making more potions. They underestimated how strong the guardians are. PBG is fishing, and deliberately sneaks up on Dean and punches him.

McJones suggests to use invisibility potions, but they all agree that it is lame. McJones thinks about getting better armor, and using swiftness potions to move faster. McJones almost gets killed by Dean's horse again. They are all fishing for pufferfish.

Dean and Jeff play around trying to catch each other with their rods. PBG kills Dean's horse, and tries to keep it as a surprise, but McJones spoils it. PBG says he did it because Dean knocked him into the water - even though it was PBG himself who knocked Dean into the water. Dean discusses a Rooster Teeth video he saw about spawning a tornado in their Minecraft world.

McJones discusses how to make all the potions. Dean tries to hook PBG with his rod. PBG discusses how 'chill' everyone is. PBG is interested in the odd looking pufferfish icon. Jeff fishes up a powerful enchantment book. They see a group of squid in the water, and it hits their boats! PBG thinks about their old references, and proceeds to make 7 'Who Needs a map?' jokes! Everyone is angry at him!

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