THIS IS IT! is the sixteenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 20th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 16

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

They discover the elder guardian temple. PBG gets close, and everyone warns him to get back. They are excited. They all drink their night vision potions to see the temple. They can see the Guardians. Suddenly, the Elder Guadians cast their mining fatigue on everyone, and Jeff is startled.

PBG begins to panic, and Dean yells that they are killing the squids! McJones tries to calm everyone and discusses what their plan should be. McJones comes up with the plan to build a fort within the temple.

They walk along the bottom of the sea, and they all start becoming attacked by lasers. Dean and PBG are then attacked by the elder guardian's mining fatigue, and are both startled. They get attacked by the guardian's lasers. Dean gets attacked by two at once. Jeff is then attacked by multiple guardians. PBG gets down to three hearts, he manages to kill a guardian that is shooting at him and bails.

Jeff is down to 1 1/2 hearts and is scared as he gets back to the wall they built. They go back towards the temple only to be attacked again. They decide to head inside the temple to build a door and room to hide in. McJones realizes that they are going to have to move quickly.

The elder guardian appears on their screens again, and they freak out once more. They all hide behind a cobblestone wall as they are getting attacked. They decide to head further forward. PBG and Jeff are worried about how they are going to be able to do this.

McJones continues to build more walls, as they continue to get shot at. There are so many guardians. Suddenly, they get surrounded by three guardians.

Trivia Edit

  • PBG has named his sword 'Caddy'. In Minecraft Hardcore season 2, he named his sword 'Dean' after Dean died.

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