DEADLY HORSES! is the fifteenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 16th 2015
Series Minecraft Season 4
Episode No. 15

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

McJones tries to train his horse. Dean calls his horse Montegue. Austin breaks his boat and doesn't know how to make a new one. McJones accidentally throws his horse into the water. He puts a lead onto Dean's horse and guides them both back to the house! Dean finds it hilarious. Dean is building bridges between the islands. Dean hates the project very quickly.

Jeff is making a new farm. Everyone blames Dean for getting them lost. Dean tries to enter the house on his horse, and quickly starts suffocating to death in the door! Seconds later, McJones does the same thing inside the house! The horses are outside now. PBG is killing all the pigs he sees, but thinks he is going to starve to death.

Jeff is building a diving board, and falls off it. Montague starts heading onto the diving board, and McJones has to tie him up. PBG gives up on killing pigs, and instead picks up flowers to bring back. Dean is attacked by a baby zombie. PBG returns to the house. McJones won't appreciate PBG's work, even though he got over 100 porkchops.

Suddenly, McJones remembers that they need a lot of bookshelves for their enchantment table. And so, they went on a quest for reeds, killed some endermen and found a village. PBG got lost for a while. PBG found his way back, and they watched the reeds grow, and got all their bookshelves. Dean got slightly obsessed with cutting the sugarcane down as quickly as he could when it grew.

They begin to enchant. Dean can't get level 30 enchantments for some reason. PBG upgrades his sword and bow. He still has 26 experience left after doing so. The enchantment system has been upgraded since they last played. PBG also upgrades his helmet. Eventually Dean manages to get the enchantment he wants for his sword. McJones is also struggling to get the enchantments he wants.

They all jump into their boats, and McJones explains that they are searching for the water temple - and doesn't know what it is called. PBG uses an underwater potion, and can see underwater. Dean thinks it is really cool. 

PBG discusses the previous seasons, and they argue about everything! PBG finds the temple!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time in Minecraft Hardcore where the players found a village. FIFTEEN episodes into the FOURTH season!
  • This is tied for the most number of people entering the final area of a hardcore series with Minecraft Season 1. 4 people entered the final area in both seasons.

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