COW HORSE ISLAND! is the fourteenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 13th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 14

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

Jeff finds diamond. Dean finds some too. They both find 5. McJones swipes Dean's diamond. PBG heads over to the others. They find another cave, and PBG still wants to find diamond of his own. McJones goes to blow up a creeper to take out other enemies. He fails and gets covered in arrows.

Jeff gets attacked by a bunch of skeletons that are hanging on a ledge. There are several zombies and creepers that the team have to kill. PBG finally finds some diamond. McJones almost dies after jumping in front of Jeff trying to kill a skeleton. Dean finds some glitching water and wants to break it. McJones wants to leave it. Austin tries to start a competition again now that he has some diamond. They decide to head back, as they have over 20 diamond.

As they head back, several creepers block their path, and McJones blows them up. McJones has been eating rotten flesh this whole time. They make it back into their shelter. They become lost for a moment, and Dean finds the next path. PBG hits McJones, and wants to see if it is possible for PBG to hit him up two blocks. It isn't. Jeff thought it would be hilarious if that would have killed him.

There is a Tower of Pimps in the house now as they all make it back. They put their diamond together. They discuss what they are going to enchant, and what they will make out of their diamond. They will make swords and helmets.

Jeff finds some horses on an island, and he is sailing in the water. The islands around them are much bigger than the island they built their house on. Every animal can be found on the island. They all get onto the island. There are creepers around Jeff that he has to kill. PBG doesn't want a horse, but the others do. It begins to rain.

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