SURPRISE WITCH! is the thirteenth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 9th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 13

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

The four guys are still in the ravine. PBG is the only one to take his competition seriously. Everyone else decides to mine together. McJones wants to pour water over lava to make it easier to navigate through. Austin finds a small cave with a bunch of monsters in it. Jeff accidentally punches McJones. Zombies fall down a waterfall to where PBG is. Enemies rain down upon Jeff, McJones, and Dean.

A witch appears, and Jeff kills her. Dean and McJones are taking a lot of damage from poison. Dean gets down to 1 1/2 hearts, but the poison can't kill players. Another witch falls right in front of Jeff. She is killed. PBG is hanging over lava as he mines. Austin is still away from the others, and McJones tries to call him back.

PBG is determined to find diamond. A zombie almost hits McJones into lava. PBG finds a spawner, and breaks it. He finds some diamond horse armor. Meanwhile, the others are being attacked by a lot of enemies. A wiggly squiggly zombie appears.

Dean finds a cliff edge, and tells McJones to jump off it. Dean is surprised when McJones does! However, he jumped into water, and it wasn't that far down. They have found a ton of coal. There are enemies in a small drop off, and McJones accidentally hits Dean into it. Jeff found it hilarious.

Dean and McJones get attacked by several mobs, and Dean gets down to 3 hearts! Dean walls himself in. Jeff blows up a creeper. They still haven't found any diamond at all, and are thinking about leaving.

Some time later, McJones finds more gold. PBG runs out of mining tools and considers his mission to be a failure. He starts singing as he returns. A creeper appears right next to PBG right next to lava! Jeff and Dean meet up with Austin.

They head back to the floor base, and put their ore into the furnaces. Jeff wants to give PBG a prize. It is some iron pants, and McJones swipes it!.There is a creeper above them, and a thunderstorm is happening outside.

McJones and Dean try to shoot a bat with arrows. PBG says that if McJones can get it in 3 shots, he'll give him $20. McJones misses, but Dean hits it and demands his $20. PBG says that the money was only for McJones. Zombies start entering the base, and a creeper blows up. They all get back to efficient mining. Jeff finally finds diamond.

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