SAIL + SPELUNK! is the twelfth episode in season 4 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date May 6th 2015
Series Minecraft Hardcore Season 4
Episode No. 12

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are still running from the pigmen, and head down the wrong corridor. The zombie pigmen chase them in, and they fight them off. Jeff sees the exit, and they go in. They all stand back from the portal and close the portal off. They lost Caddy and Barry because they needed soul sand. Jeff breaks two of the beds.

After some time, they change how they laid their beds. They discuss how they lost their Burger King endorsement. They decide to make the gravestones on the lonely island. They head onto the island, and prepare the graves. They make the gravestones. Jeff sees an island further out. Jeff wants to go to check it out. PBG still can't believe that they lost two people for soul sand.

Dean watches the sun set with the gravestones behind them, before Shrek rides on his boat past them. Jeff goes to the island, and finds a biome he has never seen before. Night arrives, and they head back to base. The boats scatter around once Austin leaves it.

They soon travel across the sea. They skip after a long time to a new island, where they have built a new house. PBG shows off their new house. They sailed for about twenty minutes, and will probably never find their old house again. Professor McJones explains what they need to do next.

They all start to dig down. PBG and Jeff go off to dig their own mine. McJones doesn't want to go with Dean, and Dean is offended. Dean starts digging, and gets submerged in water. Austin starts drowning. They continue digging, and find a long drop. PBG is startled when he is organizing his inventory as everyone else yells for no reason. Dean is worried.

McJones and Jeff discuss Jeff's failure of building the ladder that almost left to his death. Austin scares Dean by knocking out a block below him. Dean hits Jeff. PBG makes a way down into the ravine below. PBG is frightened by a skeleton. They find some gold. PBG makes a competition to find diamond first. The prize varies from person to person. If its PBG it is going to be a great prize!

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